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12th July 2017 Hotels

Learn to Personalize your Guest’s Experience

Personalisation is a buzzword in the hotel industry, with plenty of new research explaining why hotel guests want a more personalised – and connected – experience.

According to Samsung, 92% of hoteliers believe that by 2020 guests will expect their stays to be personalised around a set of choices they make before hey check in.

71% of respondents to Amadeus’ Hotels 2010 survey agreed that over the next decade “traveller motivations will become increasingly fragmented and diverse and harder to segment into clearly definable customer groupings.”

Meanwhile a new report from IHG highlights the need for hotel brands to be Global, Local and Personal to win business, with technology driving personalisation.

Technology allows guests to control the temperature in their hotel room or tune in the TV to a specific channel through their smartphones. Technology also allows hotels to develop customer relationships, either by pushing special offers to registered Twitter or Facebook users, or by creating the opportunity for customers to define their requirements individually and collectively.

Technology can capture and build up guest profiles that can be updated on each visit, based on what facilities and equipment the guest actually uses, and to make better use of customer data to anticipate future needs.

Personalisation also means designing a product that reflects local cultures and customs. The IHG report shows that emerging market travellers (i.e. Brazil, UAE and China) are travelling more frequently than their developed market counterparts and prize personalisation and fit with local culture more highly.

The same principles apply close to home. 62% of Millennials (younger business travellers reliant on laptops, palmtops and all things tech) are motivated to return to a hotel that provides access to personal content like movies and music, whilst 72% of travellers over 65 say that healthy food and beverage choices motivates them to return.

The IHG research highlights six key actions to deliver the guest experience of tomorrow.

  1. Be consistent
  2. Deliver authentic local customisation
  3. Create tailored consumption
  4. Support technology enhanced service
  5. Personal relevance
  6. Use service to surprise and delight


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