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12th July 2017 Hotels

Why ‘Rich’ Hotel Content Matters

In a world increasingly dominated by online booking channels, the challenge for hoteliers is to make their products stand out against the competition.

Much is made about ‘content’ – or ‘rich content’ and why it’s so important for hotels to go the extra mile when presenting their products to the online business and leisure customer. New research published by HRS explains why Content is King.

First, what is content? Essentially it is information about a hotel: – Rate, location, amenities, terms & conditions. Photographs and video are examples of the ‘richer’ content provided to OTAs, TMCs and third party websites through which hoteliers distribute their product.

Content is a marketing tool. It presents a hotel in the best possible light to drive occupancy and margin by providing sufficient quality of information to match the customer’s search criteria to secure the booking. It’s called ‘bookability’.

For chain hotels, content has to be presented consistently to meet brand standard, but content is even more important for independent hotels. Brand recognition impacts bookability and the amount a traveller is prepared to pay.

But and independent four-star hotel with an 8.5 guest rating, customer reviews and good photographs available at £150 per night could offer better value than the local four-star chain hotel at £180 per night with the same guest rating where both hotels are in the same location.

HRS research shows that doubling a hotel’s online pictures can increase conversion several times over. Even a full (rather than partial) property description can increase conversion significantly.

Good hotel content – what to include:

  1. Professional photography should reflect the personality and features of a hotel and its different room types.
  2. Multi-language descriptions should be translated professionally.
  3. Detailed information about facilities, services and location.
  4. Room and advance booking availability.
  5. Bookings can be cancelled at least up to 6pm on the day of arrival or midnight if possible.
  6. Guests’ comments and reviews.

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