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News Service for Hotels


The Premier Personalised News Service

HotelNewspapers is the ideal personalised news service. Whether on business or vacation, your guests can keep up to date with news, delivered in their own language.

HotelNewspapers will cut your workload and save you up to 70% on newspaper costs. It provides your guests fresh daily news from home, including the latest political and general news, sport, business and entertainment stories from the guests’ own countries.

With 34 titles in 12 different languages, you can provide the latest news to all your guests in the following ways:

  • to your guests' own digital devices (PC, smartphone or tablet);
  • to your e-concierge service or on your TV system;
  • in A4 print format for distribution as you wish and/or at your guests’ request.

In addition, HotelNewspapers also provides access to special editions for major events like the World Cup. Once you’ve subscribed to the service, you can print as many copies as you require for your guests.

The Latest News for Your Guests

With HotelNewspapers, the latest news is delivered around the clock, in the format to best suit your requirements. Breaking news is edited by a specialist editorial team with access to the latest developments from around the world.

More Revenue Generation Opportunities for You

Provide the world’s leading hotel news service branded with your hotel name and branding. Whilst guests are relaxing and digesting the latest news from home, they’ll be seeing your new promotional messages and special offers, incorporated within their HotelNewspapers service. Generate new customer loyalty and increase your revenue – give your guests HotelNewspapers today.

Sample News

Please select a title below to download a recent example of our newspaper format. To find out more about our digital formats, please contact us here.

Sample Newspapers

Please select a newspaper to download a recent example.

Title (hover for description) Language Region Coverage Pages Delivery time (GMT) Availability Sample
América Latina Hoy Spanish Latin America 4 1000 and 0000 Daily
Argentina Hoy Spanish Argentina 2 1900 and 0000 Daily*
Asia Pacific Times English Pacific Rim 4 1500 and 0000 Daily
Australia Today English Australia 4 1500 and 0000 Daily
Brasil Hoje Portuguese Brazil 4 1000 Daily
Britain Today English U.K. 8 0000 and 2100 Daily
The Canadian English Canada 4 1100 and 0030 Daily
Chinese News Chinese China 4 0000 Daily
España Hoy Spanish Spain 4 0000 and 2100 Daily
European News English Europe 4 1600 Daily
Final Whistle English U.K. 2 0130 Daily
France-Actualités French France 4 0000 and 2100 Daily
Giornale Italiano Italian Italy 4 0000 and 2100 Daily
Gjesteavisen Norwegian Norway 1 0900 Mon-Sat
India Business English India 2 1600 Daily
India News English India 4 1600 Daily
The International English World 8 0000 and 2100 Daily
International Finance English World 4 1030 Mon-Sat 0000 Tue-Sun
The Malaysian English Malaysia 4 1600 Daily
Middle East Today Arabic Middle East 4 2100 and 0000 Daily
Mexico Hoy Spanish Mexico 2 1100 Mon-Fri 0000 Tue-Sat
New Zealand Today English New Zealand 2 1530 and 0000 Mon-Fri
Nieuwsoverzicht Dutch Netherlands 4 1900 and 0000 Daily
Puzzle Page English World 1 0130 Daily
Russia Today Russian Russia 4 2030 and 0000 Daily
Salzburger Nachrichten German Austria 4 1100 Mon-Fri 0000 Tue-Sat
Schweizerische Nachrichten German Switzerland 2 1900 Mon-Fri 0000 Tue-Sat
Singapore Today English Singapore 4 1600 Daily
South Africa Today English South Africa 4 1530 and 0000 Daily
South Korea Today English South Korea 4 Mon-Sun 1600
Tagesrundschau German Germany 4 0000 Daily
U.S.A. Times English U.S.A. 8 1000, 2100 and 0000 Daily

* Please note, Argentina Hoy is delivered 19:00 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri. And 00:00 Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat.