Consider 3 factors before switching to digital newspapers in your hotel

Digital newspapers

Hey Hotelier, did you hear the news? Hotels are frantically testing news apps so that they can replace hotel newspapers, mistakenly thinking that this is what guests expect them to do. Many supporters of digital newspapers clamour about the “undeniable“ benefits of this hospitality product, but their arguments are feeble when examined from a practical […]

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Why Understanding Guests Emotions Can Help Hotels Improve Guest Experiences

Guest Emotions

New research from Loughborough University reveals that understanding emotions can help hotels improve guest experiences. The university’s research has been expanded into examining how hotels can develop their design and service strategies to evoke different emotions. The research identified four conflicting concerns that cause contradicting emotions during hotel stays: Luxury vs eco-friendliness. When extra amenities […]

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Personalising The Guest Experience

Customer Experience

Personalisation is a buzzword in the hotel industry, with plenty of new research explaining why hotel guests want a more personalised – and connected – experience. According to Samsung, 92% of hoteliers believe that by 2020 guests will expect their stays to be personalised around a set of choices they make before hey check in. […]

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Magic Marketing Questions For Hoteliers

Magic Marketing

Like any business, the first marketing objective of any hotel is to generate and retain guests. To achieve this goal hoteliers have to create value for their guests; US hospitality industry guru Don Landry defines this value as “experience minus expectation.” Landry’s theory is that providing the experience is only marginally better than the guest’s […]

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