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Roy Court +44 7775 742 072 rcourt@kvh.com

15 years with KVH Media and a background in hotel management, an irresistible enthusiasm for customer service and meticulous planner, Roy...read more

Julien Ledoux: +44 151 243 1612 jledoux@kvh.com

An integral part of the hotel team for the past 7 years, Julien came to the UK via the Erasmus Programme and leads the way in hotel customer care...read more

Cecilia Behrendt: +1 770 627 3221 cbehrendt@kvh.com

A trusted and longest serving member of the Hotel Account Management team with 9 years service, Cecilia’s languages and travelling skills go hand...read more

Michaela Rice: +44 151 243 1614 mrice@kvh.com

A fundamental part of the Hotel & Leisure team of KVH for the past 5 years, Michaela has a highly tuned flare for customer care...read more

Barbara Jankubik +357 253 40360 bjankubic@kvh.com

Seconded to the Hotel team in 2015, Barbara was educated in Poland as an architect and managed a family shipping company in Cyprus...read more

Rodalyn Bana +63 2 845 0087 rbana@kvh.com

Rodalyn achieved her degree in Business administration with a major study in International Business in the Philippines. She begun her career...read more