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Services for Mega Yachts and Charter Boats


Daily Personalised News for Guests and Crew

This versatile multi-language news service is delivered digitally for screen display, for PDA use, or ready to print as a newspaper, and provides a valuable service for your guests. All formats provide you with the ability to brand with your logo and include onboard advertising and promotions.

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Passenger Information System

CruiseShow is a screen-based information system for passengers aboard cruise ships, ferries, and yachts. Using one of the ship’s TV channels, different modules can be displayed in public rooms and staterooms supporting up to five different languages.

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Customised Audio Service for Guests

This customised licensed music service will entertain your guests with a variety of songs. Our zoning system enables you to broadcast whenever and wherever it suits the atmosphere, via in-cabin TVs or in public areas.

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Safety and Training Films

Promote fleet safety with memorable, thought-provoking, and affordable training films for crew worldwide.

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