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Daily Personalised News for Guests and Crew

NEWSlink for yachts is a constantly evolving personalised news service for your onboard guests or crew.

News can be delivered digitally for screen display, for device use, or ready to print as a newspaper; we can create a fully personalised news package unique to you.

Our full news service includes daily headline news, business reports, entertainment, and sports in all the main guest languages and we are able to provide cost-effective special editions on major worldwide sporting and political events.

NEWSlink creates a quality value-add service for your guests and enhances your company brand by enabling you to incorporate your company branding, promotions and messages.

Additionally, our news service also carries an option to include advertising so that you can turn your complimentary guest service into a revenue-generating tool of your own.

Your guests can also choose the convenience of reading NEWSlink on their own, or company owned devices.


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